Piccolo and Annabelle Vol 1: The Very Messy Inspection : Stephen Axelsenvery_messy_inspection.jpg

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a novelty helium balloon? No it is Annabelle, Piccolo Grande's Guardian Angel! Ever since his parents disappeared, when their yacht, the Leaping Susan sailed into a thick mysterious mist somewhere in the tropics, nine year old Piccolo Grande has lived alone in his old family home, carefully looking after the house, getting himself off to school and doing his homework (sometimes early!). His peaceful, ordered life is turned upside down when Annabelle, carelessly disguised as his great aunt, crashes into his life. This humorous tale of how the pair bond whilst preparing for Annabelle's impending assessment by the Angel Inspector will delight readers and make a great 'read aloud' story. The author's illustrations suit the story perfectly. As a first volume in a new series, this story sets the scene for some joyful future reading.


The Tale of Despereaux : Kate DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo writes this beautiful, sometimes dark but never depressing story of Despereaux the mouse, destined to be forever different, not only due to his tiny form and huge ears, but also because of his un-mouse-like, romantic nature.
Along with a love story, DiCamillo writes a story of adventure and even peril - Despereaux must brave the dungeon, its murderous clan of rats, and a sad but frightening orphan
girl named Miggery Sow. Readers have found it scary enough to be exciting but not scary enough for nightmares.
Unusual and interesting words that DiCamillo uses ("perfidy," for one), are explained along the way, so the book is comprehensible even to kids too young to read it themselves. T
he illustrations are charming and many, to keep younger listeners/readers entertained. The chapters are also short enough to make good bed-time stories by themselves. Perfect for a read aloud, or for more independent readers.

inkheart.jpgInkheart : Cornelia Funke

Meggie lives with her father Moe, a man who hides a terrible secret. When a strange man named Dustfinger knocks on their door one night, Meggie’s life changes forever.

This enthralling tale is full of adventure and excitement. If you have ever wondered what it would be like if characters in books could step out of their story and become real, this book is for you.

A challenging read that will keep students in the upper years entertained for hours.



Fancy Nancy : Jane O'Connor

Fancy Nancy is a frilly, posh princess, who lives in an ordinary, humdrum family. Luckily, she is happy to share the secrets of her glamorous life, and a fun, fabulous story full of dress ups and family togetherness ensues. A perfect choice for little princesses in the early years!