Frequently Asked Questions about the library

Q. When is the library open?
A. Monday and Wednesday, the library opens at 8.15 a.m.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – the library opens at 8.30 a.m. The library closes at 3.15 p.m. daily.

Q. When can I borrow books from the library?
You can borrow at any time the library is open, provided that you have your library bag, and have no overdue books. Try to always bring your books along on your class borrowing day so that you can renew any that you are still reading to avoid them becoming overdue!

Q. Is the Library open at lunchtime?
A. Yes – on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11.10 a.m. to 11.40 a.m. for all year levels. Each Wednesday Mr O'Driscoll holds Chess Club in the library. Fridays the library is closed at lunchtime.

Q. What activities are available in the library at lunchtime?
A. The children are encouraged to socialize with others in the library whilst doing any of the following activities:
Building with Lego
Drawing, colouring
Playing board and strategy games
Chatting in small groups
Participating in organised library lunchtime activities

Q. How many books may the children borrow?
A. Prep – 1 picture book. From semester two this book may also be selected from Junior Non-Fiction.
Year 1: 1 picture book (Junior-Fiction) for first semester. In second semester Year 1s may also borrow 1 Junior Non-Fiction book
Year 2: 1 picture book or Skinny Fiction and 1 Junior Non-Fiction
Year 3: 3 books from Junior Fiction, Skinny Fiction, Fiction or General Non-Fiction
Year 4: 3 books – from either Fiction or General Non-Fiction
Year 5: 3 books – from either Fiction or General Non-Fiction
Year 6: 3 books – from either Fiction or General Non-Fiction. In Semester 2 Year 6 students may borrow from Senior Fiction with parental consent.
Year 7: 3 books from either Senior Fiction, Fiction and General Non-Fiction.

Q. Is there Holiday Borrowing?
A. Yes. Children who do not have overdue books the week before school holidays are permitted to borrow books to read during the holiday, except during the Christmas break.

Q. Does the library have a lost & found?
A. Yes. Ask the library staff for help.

Q. Are there Overdue Fines?
A. No, but further borrowing is denied until the overdue items are returned.
Q. What happens if I lose or damage a book?

A. Watch this video to find out!

Q. Can I renew a book?
A. Yes. The library staff will renew/extend the loan on condition that no reservations exist for that book.

Q. How do I search for books in the library?
A. The catalogue can be accessed through computers in the Library Home Page and on any of the computers in the library. Use the “How to be a Book Detective in St Dympna’s Library” booklet or ask the staff for assistance.

Q. Can I ask the teacher-librarian and library staff for advice on what to read?
A. Yes. Come into the library and ask a staff member or e-mail Mrs Cantwell on

Q. Can I reserve a book?
A Yes. Books that are new or on loan may be reserved. Students are allowed three reservations at a time.